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“Renee DeVesty & The Clean Slate Diaries are doing the work of the Angels helping Rape Survivors reclaim their sense of Strength and Wholeness.” ~ Laurie Halse Anderson, NY Times Bestselling Author of “Speak”


14NEWLOGOThe Clean Slate Diaries hosts Events, Lectures & Workshops of Empowerment for Survivors of Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence.

Produced “By Survivors, For Survivors“, Clean Slate uses Music, Art, Dance and Spoken Word Stories to honor and recognize the journey of male and female survivors in a safe, supportive environment. Through direct partnership and collaboration with college campuses and universities, high schools and military bases, Clean Slate is raising awareness of the epidemic proportions of these crimes and positioning them onto a public platform.

Clean Slate Founder and Executive Director, Renee DeVesty, lost 20 years of her life to the emotional, mental and psychological issues that remain from these crimes. She created Clean Slate to shorten the time frame from when someone is victimized – to how soon they seek counseling and support.  Offering visible examples of hope through other survivors who have overcome, Clean Slate is inspiring survivors to break through the darkness and find healing, strength and comfort in a community of those who understand.

 A Message from Grammy-Award Winner, Sarah McLachlan:






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